Super-Simple Storage Solution: No Sew Sling Bookshelf

Super-Simple Storage Solution

This sling bookshelf is the ideal venture for a tenderfoot DIYer—no saws, no timber, no sewing—only a couple of straightforward, economical supplies, devices and one hour or less of your opportunity! Effectively adaptable, it’s ideal for kids’ books, magazines or daily papers.


1 Single Curtain Rod 48″-84″ Depth 2-1/2″

1 Single Curtain Rod 48″-84″ Depth 3-1/2 ”

2 Standard Pillowcases




Divider Anchors (discretionary)



Teresa Odland

Stage 1

Mount blind bar sections on the divider at your coveted width, with the two poles estimating 5 inches separated vertically. Introduce focus fortification sections if bar is reached out more than 48 inches. Utilize divider grapples if the sections don’t agree with divider studs.

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Stage 2

Turn the pillowcases back to front and cut a 1-inch opening in both base corners at a 45-degree point. Make sure not to cut the side fix. Turn the pillowcases right-side out once more. Attempt this no-sew answer for adding connections to outside pads.

Stage 3

String the two pillowcases onto the shade poles through the open end of the pad case and the opening you simply cut. One shade bar ought to be along each side of the pillowcase longwise. Ensure the completed (open) finishes of the pillowcases compromise.

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Stage 4

Snare the window ornament poles onto the mounting sections, with the smaller 2-1/2″ bar to finish everything, and the more profound 3-1/2″ bar on the base. Utilize forceps to twist the metal mounting get down for a more secure hold. Tuck the open folds where the pillowcase was curtailed into the pillowcase.

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Stage 5

Modify pillowcases so side creases line up with the drapery bars, and make an inside sling. Include books or magazines and appreciate! Overcome whatever remains of the upset these 15 different ways to help sort out children’s storage rooms..